Our environmental policy

Environmental protection requires good ideas and all employees — it benefits ourselves, our company and last but not least our environment! In particular by saving resources, these can be used in the long term and the burden on the environment is reduced. Through our daily behaviour we take our share of the responsibility for the preservation of a livable and intact environment!

In the conviction that sustainable action will secure our future, we are jointly called upon to think and act ecologically.
Our operational decisions are always made against the background of our ecological responsibility. We therefore handle resources, raw materials and foodstuffs with care. Resource-saving work processes are always preferable. Recycling processes are to be used where they are sensible and necessary. Quality and regionality are values we live by.

Environmental certifications

Ökoprofit-Certification 2005

The Badhotel Restaurant Stauferland is the first awarded Ökoprofit company in Göppingen to receive this award.
The topics worked out were: Work and legal security, reduction of waste, water, electricity and gas. After binding environmental guidelines had been drawn up, current work instructions were drawn up in both establishments, information boards were put up and staff training held; in some cases, construction measures were also necessary. The inspection committee, consisting of four persons, praised in particular the consistent implementation of ecological standards in both buildings. Thanks to targeted measures, energy costs and CO2 emissions were significantly reduced.
The environmental balance in detail: By dismantling an old oil burner: almost 25 t less CO2 emissions per year. Through consistent use of energy-saving light bulbs: approx. 7,000 kWh less electricity consumption and thus: 1.6 t less CO2 pollution per year. With the installation of dosing systems, a further environmental relief was achieved by 150 l less cleaning agent (concentrate) per year.

Eco-certified EMAS company since 2009

After a thorough certification audit, we passed the EMAS audit with very good results.
Our environmental protection efforts refer to:

  • Waste avoidance
  • Waste separation
  • Training of employees
  • Use of resource-saving equipment and working methods
  • Use of environmentally friendly disinfectants and cleaning agents
  • Use of renewable energies

Part of our hot water requirement (10 kWp) is provided by a solar thermal system.
Our photovoltaic system has an output of over 18 kWp.

  Environmental declaration