About us

Our guidelines

What we stand for and what you can expect from us.

Training and further education

  • We promote above-average training and demand above-average commitment.
  • We expect our employees to take the initiative in their further training.
  • We have regular meetings. Attendance is compulsory. The results are recorded.


  • The guest is the focus of our work.
  • We look after our guests individually and personally on the basis of existing quality standards.
  • We turn every guest into a regular.
  • We see complaints as an opportunity.

Marketing/Public relations

  • We plan our marketing measures.
  • We use new media.
  • We plan events that are also accompanied by media coverage.


  • We offer constructive criticism and accept it.
  • We are constantly improving.
  • We fulfill our job profile.
  • We work as a team.
  • We have rules and we all stick to them.


  • We have an organization chart that regulates our tasks and responsibilities.
  • We work with checklists.
  • Duty rosters are primarily based on the business situation.
  • We have a supplier handling system.
  • We have regular safety checks.


  • We exceed the quality expectations of our guests.
  • We participate in the Service Quality Baden-Württemberg campaign.


  • We prefer regional products.
  • We have ecological standards and observe them always and everywhere.
  • We regularly review our standards and adapt them to changing circumstances.


  • We are open, honest and tolerant in our dealings with each other, our guests and our suppliers.
  • We are loyal and stand behind the business.

Economic efficiency

  • Our common goal is to increase earnings in order to secure the continued existence of the company and our jobs.
  • We regularly review our key economic figures and analyze deviations.
  • We handle, maintain and preserve equipment and materials with care.

We must and want to be guided and measured by the above mission statement in the future. The benchmark here can never be our own opinion, but always the feelings and needs of our guests and customers.